Changing Name of Link in "[[]]" breaks the connection to the note

I was creating a note and changed the name of the link. I thought I would just be updating the name of the link, but it created a whole new one. I would expect an edit to the name to still link to the existing note.

No, it doesn’t work that way. If you want to update the name of the note, go to that note and rename – that way all links are updated.

I think the behavior you’re expecting would cause more trouble than benefit if you think about it, what if you want to change [[One thing]] to [[Something different]]? It will rename “One thing” to “Something different”, which is often not what you intend to. Maybe you want to change the link to something else, not updating the title of the note.

Hope that makes sense!


I could see a benefit to having the option to edit the name of the note while working on the link and not having to leave the line your working on. But definitely not as the default.

Perhaps a hotkey when in the link suggestion to update the note title.

As I’m editing the link title I can CMD+Shift+Enter to “update/edit” the note title.

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Yeah, that would be more like a convenience feature, in the same vein as “page preview”, letting you update the note title without actually going there.

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Yeah definitely. Could be nice when you’re in a flow.

Speaking of “page preview” - you can’t edit a note via it right? If you could interact with it (scroll/type) that’d be amazing.

Oh I’m sorry, I misread. You meant, “page preview” is an example of a convenience feature.

No worries! Yeah, I meant it’s a convenience feature that gives you extra information without having to navigate to the note.

It does make sense, but your example is also what I’d be looking for. That being said, I can see that it might not be what others are looking for and this isn’t a deal-breaker at all :slight_smile: