Changing Font Easily Within a Page

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Searching through Help, I couldn’t find this topic but what I am interested in is having a very convenient way to change the font i.e., having one paragraph contain different font from the one prior, having one specific font for each note type etc.

In OneNote for example, there’s the drop down menu where you can change any text to any font you please, can have one page with multiple fonts etc. Does a plugin like this exist for Obsidian? This should really be something that comes out of the box imo.


Do remember that you’re talking about Markdown, not a full blown text editor with all kind of formatting options. Markdown is much more about the logical structuring of documents, rather than changing the format all over the place.

With that being said, you can insert stuff like <span style="font...">text</span> or <p style="font...">a full paragraph</p>, but now you’re basically writing HTML, and not markdown anymore.


Thanks for the response and a solution! Yes, I completely understand the notion of markdown and agree with you but Obsidian is also clearly being used to edit/structure text as well and having really basic functionality like the one I mentioned missing is an unnecessary hurdle to overcome, imo. Should it be directly implemented inside Obsidian? No, given its structure and if the emphasis is to be as markdown-ish/robust as possible fine, but at least have default plugins that take care of this extremely basic functionality. Highlight->right-click->format is so ubiquitous, it is a real to pain to hack around this in Obsidian

Using Templater

If you use Templater, there is a possibility for it to pick up the selected text, and do stuff with it. It also have possibilities to add hotkeys to insert templates.

So a possible workflow, could be to select the text, hit the hotkey, and let Templater surround your selected text with the formatting of your choice. Do however note that once you surround something with HTML-tags, it will change other behaviour like inline fields, or other markdown formatting.

As can be seen in the example above, the paragraph is styled with a line-through from the <P>-tag, but “simple test” is not bold, and the inline field is not set.

Using Callouts

Another options, could be to use a similar approach, but not use html-tags, but rather use Callouts, and then use some custom CSS to style it. It’ll take some configuration, though, and you’ll never be able to just right-click and select the font of your choice.

Unless you make your own plugin, and define your own extension to Markdown, or something like that.

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