Changing email on obsidian account?

I signed up to an obsidian account so I could purchase Obsidian Publish with one email adress, but I’ve realized I should’ve used a different one. Is there anything I can do?

I’m in the process of changing my email address too, which I was able to do myself for both the forum and discord, but to change your main account seems to require a manual intervenience from Obsidian’s side, am I right?

Are there any news here? I need to change the e-mail address for my account as well. I haven’t figured out to do that. Is it possible for an user to do that or have I to contact somebody here?

Maybe @WhiteNoise knows how to get this done? Should we contact one of the developers directly?

I have a different email address with the Discord account. I want to get the mobile app and publish my obsidian vault. Apparently I need to have the same address as the Discord account. How do I change one of them? The community address or the discord address?

Same question here. I also want to change the email address associated with my Obsidian Account.

Email [email protected] or DM Silver on discord.

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