Changing css settings for markdown elements


how can I change the style of markdown elements or their parts like Lists or Tags to begin with simple problems.

Also is there a markdown syntax for text style or is this also a thing to solve through own changes to or in context of the current theme and if so, what is the preferred method to do so?

Especially if I am using the default Template.

I have read somewhere I think that the default template is packaged in some smarty way and you cannot access its css or javascript.

In any case. Is the preferred way to provide or inject own css the use of the community Plugin css-snippets ?

Sadly the plugin Contextual Typography isn’t working for some reason so I can’t say if that would satisfy my needs.

Yours sincerely

  1. Snippets:
  1. App.css (available from the developer tools) (30.9 KB)

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To style Markdown elements, style their HTML equivalents (note that * and ** are emphasis and strong emphasis, not italic and bold).

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