Changing a vault from iCloud to local storage and back



Obsidian Mobile version: v1.4.1 (83)

After creating a vault in iOS in iCloud, I was successfully able to copy it between the iCloud Obsidian Application folder and the local device/iPhone Application folder and each time it showed up in Obsidian as a vault on the vault selection menu. In other words, I was able to go into the Files app and copy and paste the Obsidian vaults to and from local and iCloud storage and each time it showed up in the Obsidian app vault selection menu as a possible Vault to work from. Why, then, does it say when setting up a vault on iOS in iCloud “this cannot be changed later” when it is very easy to copy the vault to local device storage if you wish or to copy a vault from local device storage to iCloud if you wish?

Also, under the support documentation for Obsidian, the support documentation says the way to sync an Obsidian vault to iCloud after the Obsidian vault has been created somewhere other than iCloud is to create a new vault in iCloud and copy and paste each individual file into the new vault in iCloud. Why not copy and paste the entire Obsidian vault into iCloud rather than copy and paste each individual file?

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