Changeable App Icon on Mobile

Use case or problem

I’m one of those weirdos who organizes my apps by color; I love Obsidians new logo, but the Icon has changed from purple-on-white to purple-on-black. I wish there was an option to swap the icon for a different one

Proposed solution

Add the ability to change the Icon of the Obsidian mobile app

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Which mobile OS are you working with?

I use iOS

First, I must say, I like the new logo shape. I think it is a great idea to have a wider logo. It is easier to find on dark backgrounds or high DPI screens.

But I would like to recommend to change the icon background for the iOS app:

I would like the developer to consider a lighter background, like it was before.
Just to clarify, only for the iOS app. Windows and macOS are perfect as transparent.



Here is a poll for you to share your preference:

  • Dark background (currently deployed)
  • Light background
  • Either option is fine

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Hello everyone,

first of all, I absolutely love the new icon! And this as someone who really loved the old one.

I also like the dark background for the iOS app icon, but it would be a cool feature to be able to switch between a light and a dark background (ideally based on which mode is chosen in general for the vault, but I don’t know if that can be done in iOS).

What are your thoughts on this?

Can’t find it at the moment because there were like 1000+ comments flying by about the icon today on Discord, but some easy-to-choose mobile options are planned.


Something like Pocket Casts

Good idea.


I’d like it even better if the color could automatically follow the device light/dark mode setting, but I think that’s not a thing on iOS.


You can do that on iOS using the native Shortcuts app. Create the icon you want, download it and send it to your iPhone and then follow this tutorial > 3 Ways to Change Icons on Your iPhone - wikiHow

Thank you @canelson for your suggestions. But is not exactly the same.
When you use a shortcut, every time you run it: you get a banner on top reminding you that it is a shortcut.


We plan to add the ability to select from a list of icons on iOS, including a light background alternative.

For Android the latest version of the Obsidian app supports themed icons. Unfortunately Android doesn’t have a standardized API that lets us provide several predefined icons.


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