Change window title bar to “Vault Name - Obsidian version”

I usually have two vaults open, the personal and the professional one. The structure is “Obsidian v0.8.0 - Vault”, which means that as soon as the taskbar gets crowded, there is no way to differentiate the two windows. I’d love to see a rename into “Vault - Obsidian v0.8.0” to surface the differentiating information first!



Hey! I have found a workaround.
Window Title Changer

There you can simply pick a window and give it the title you want.


Please consider changing the window title to show the vault name before the word “Obsidian”. As a user with multiple vaults open, I’d like the vault name to show first so that I can easily see on my taskbar which window goes to which vault without needing to click on it.

e.g. instead of “Obsidian v0.8.15 - Reference”, I would prefer to see “Reference - Obsidian v0.8.15”.

Thanks for considering this request!


+1 for the vault name first in the title, I have multiple vaults open and when switching I can’t see which is which.

A related aside, I don’t think the version number needs to be in the window title either. Maybe it should just be present in the status bar, bottom left or right?


+1 to this feature request, and specifically as Vault Name - Obsidian $VERSION

Obsidian currently lacks a lot of standard window & app treatments on the Mac:

  • no file menu
  • no window menu
  • no About or Preferences in its Obsidian menu item

Having the Vault Name in the window would be a great improvement! :slight_smile:


+1 for only Vault Name in title bar.

Obsidian and version number should be in About Obsidian in the settings. There is no need to view the version number at all times.


+1, very unconvenient to work with 4-5 vaults at the same time.

+1 need this!

Ditto this request:


Notice how I can easily pick the right Studio window, but I can’t pick the right Obsidian window by looking.

Use case or problem

I usually have 2 instances of Obsidian open at the same time, editing 2 similarly-structured databases. It is hard to keep track of which one am I in at any given moment.

Proposed solution

Implement the conventional window-title-based document name/path indication like in other apps. I.e. show “MyObsidianDatabase - Obsidian” or “c:\Users\John Smith\Documents\Obsidian - Obsidian” instead of current “Obsidian 0.9.20” in the title bar.

+1 :+1:

Will be implemented in 0.9.23


I see this in 0.10 and it’s great! It’s so much easier to click the right vault now. Thank you, Obsidian folks!

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