Change width of left-side ribbon and icons

Forgive me if this is solved elsewhere but I have not been able to find it. I have what seems like a very simple problem.

I’m using the Minimal theme with the Minimal Theme Settings and Style Settings plugins. It’s all fine except for one thing: the leftmost “ribbon” of icons is too narrow, and the icons within it are too small. I know that this can be changed, because I don’t have this problem with other Electron-based apps (e.g. VSCode).

I cannot find a way to modify these items.

I have tried using a snippet with a selector of “.workspace-ribbon.mod-left”. That doesn’t work to change the width of the strip, though it does work to change the background color.

I feel like this should be an easy thing configure and I’m just missing something obvious.

Thanks - any help is appreciated…


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