Change underline from html <u>Text</u> to __Text__ or have both

change underline from html Text to Text or have both there’s also no short cut for underlining its really annoying ctrl + U is most common one so please
this is the only reason I still use discord to store text

As far as I know, Obsidian does not provide a native syntax for underlining text, except through the use of <u>text</u>. This is consistent with the absence of underlining syntax in many other Markdown-supported applications. As a result, files created in Obsidian can be accessed and edited in a variety of Markdown-supporting applications, enhancing long-term usability. Some sources suggest that this absence of underlining syntax may help prevent confusion with hyperlinks, which are commonly indicated by underlined text. Personally, prioritizing compatibility with other Markdown applications is crucial to me.


Alright understandable but at least a short cut that adds html underline tags to selected text please maybe a toggle in preferences or something like that

If we get the functionality to enclose selected text with a custom prefix and suffix and we can assign a shortcut to it ourselves to do it quickly it would allow for so many text formatting possibilities via html tags

We can do stuff like
<font style="color:green">Text</font>


And it wouldn’t do anything to formatting we have now
I hope you guys will look into it

If you haven’t come across it yet, Wrap with shortcuts is a great plugin to take care of this.

Screenshot 2024-05-07 071815