Change the name of a link to another page

Newbie question, does anybody know if it is possible to customize the link to another page?

What I’m trying to do

I’m reading the book 48 Laws of power, and Law #1 is Never outshine the master, my note is called “Never outshine the master”, but in another note I would like to reference it as [[Law 1]] but to point to that note. Like when in a webpage you have a [[click here]] but the page you point it to is obviously not called click here.

Thanks in advance

Try this [[Never outshine the master|Law 1]].

In addition if you see yourself wanting to refer to this note as law 1 often, you could include the following at the top of that note:

Alias: "Law 1"

Now when you’re using auto completion you can start typing law 1, and it’ll suggest this note with that alias.

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Thanks work perfectly, I use it for my book’s table of contents without the note having to be Law xxx - Never …

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