Change "Pasted image" to "Pastedimage" or "Pasted_image"

Steps to reproduce

When pasting an image there is spaces in the filename.

this results in filenames like: “Pasted%20Image”

Expected result

Removing spaces for pasted images

Please change this to:
“Pastedimage” or “Pasted_image” or “Pasted-image”

This will give better compatability with github markdown. When you see a markdown file with images on github.

Actual result

this results in filenames like: “Pasted%20Image”


  • Windows


this looks like a feature request… moved to FR


I use this plugin

Using some predefined naming schema is not a solution for me. I need to customize the naming myself - Or just remove spaces or use underscore “_” instead.

The problem is that Obsidian uses spaces when pasting, like “Pasted Image” and I do not want spaces in the filename.

Why you might ask?
Because I do backups to Github and Obsidian replaces spaces with “%20” in my setup. But when you view the markdown file in github, it cant find the file when there is “%20” in the filename.