Change or add yaml fields to all notes

Before writing my own solution for editing text files, I wanted to know if there are any ready-made solutions ? I think to add or delete a yaml field from thousands of notes is not such a rare problem and someone has already solved it somehow.

May check Projects plugin. Creating a root folder based project and tracking subfolders, you can then do batch editing with your YMAL fields.

FYI some users suggested GitHub - fez-github/obsidian-multi-properties: Plugin for Obsidian that allows user to add properties to multiple notes at once. but I didn’t give it a try.

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Lintet plugin can be used to do this at a file, folder or whole vault level if the changes are reasonably simple. For anything conditional, I’d suggest using VSCode and regex to do it.


You can use plugin Metadata Menu

  1. Add note class to notes
  2. Edit class scheme