Change Left Sidebar Width

Change Left Sidebar Width

Is there an option or method to change the default minimum width (200px) of Left Sidebar? I was able to reduce the width via custom CSS, but the width will then be fixed and unadjustable with mouse drag. Any support appreciated.

would you share the CSS you used? I was able to fix mine without disabling drag-resizing with min-width: 200px;

EDIT: ahh no, I’m sorry, I realized I misread your post and trying to change the min-width to something smaller than 200px did not, in fact, work. since pulling any further left collapses the sidebar altogether, I’m thinking that’s a limitation of the app functioning itself rather than CSS, unfortunately. (at least, there’s nothing else I can think of off the top of my head. my bad!)

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I see. I also suspected it may be a restriction set by app. It is just that almost all of files have Folgezettel-like short ID names, like ‘’, and current minimum width creates a lot of dead space when I leave the Left-Side bar open. Thanks for the reply.