Change Input Device/Microphone, Audio Recorder

Things I have tried

  • Searched obsidian forum
  • Looked at help doc.




What I’m trying to do

Audio Recorder seems to only work when I don’t have Bluetooth headphones connected to my Macbook.

I think Obsidian is just choosing my headphone’s microphone by default, and for whatever reason that microphone doesn’t work.

Does Obsidian allow me to change the input device? I’ve searched in settings but can’t seem to find it.

What happens if you change the input in Mac OS sound preferences?

Gave that a try via this menu…

…but I’m still not getting any audio in my recordings. My guess is that this is something silly, sorry in advance.

Alright, solved it. As expected, it was something very dumb, and not an Obsidian issue.

Still, would be nice to have input control within Obsidian.

Thanks for your help @rpcm

Did you try completely closing/quitting Obsidian after making those changes?

Thanks for your help, but I figured out what was going on.

As penance for wasting your time on this, I’ll tell you the stupid thing I did:

My headphones weren’t working for some reason and I was trying to listen to the headphone-made recordings before disconnecting from the headphones. Therefore all the headphone recordings didn’t make a noise.

For some reason, my headphones outputted some feedback but no audio, this gave me the impression that the problem was the input not the output.

egg on face etc

Thanks again!

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