Change how often Obsidian writes to the file system

Things I have tried

  • Searching the help for “save, frequency, period” in the online help document
  • Read the obsidian sync pages
  • Looked for similar topics in this forum.

What I’m trying to do

I am using obsidian with the Synology drive product to both backup and sync my files to my own NAS device.
It all works quite well, except that while I’m editing in the Obsidian app, I’m getting constant updates from the sync agent that “” has been saved/updated.

Frequent saves are good, but writing every essentially every keystroke across the internet and syncing to multiple devices in near real time is a bit much. I’d be generally happy with saving manually (Control+S is almost instinct whenever I’ve made significant changes), or every n minutes, where n is a whole number.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Background: I’ve been using Synology drive sync agent across Linux, Windows and Android for years and it works really well. I like the notifications when something has changed somewhere, but this is the first time I’ve come across this save-frequency issue. While I could turn off desktop notifications for my sync client, I’d lose them for everything in my Synology drive, not just Obsidian, this isn’t a preferred option.


Interested in the same thing for mostly the same reason.

Even in the absence of remote sync backup, users with a copy-on-write filesystem are getting TONS (not in bytes written terms but in atomic operation terms) of filesystem churn for no good reason with the current short timer. This concern even hits Windows users on ReFS rather than NTFS.

Just to add another perspective to the conversation, I’m very glad for the frequent saves. I suffered an OS crash today when in the middle of some heavy editing, and I was afraid I’d lost it all. I was delighted to find that on reboot Obsidian had saved all but the last couple of keystrokes.

I don’t have any objection to making save frequency a setting – I can understand why you’d want to adjust it. But I have to admit I’m very happy the save-on-change works the way it does! :slight_smile:


@Craig , I appreciate your input, and I am not advocating for the default to suit my particular use case, but as you’ve mentioned, some sort of tweakable parameter would be useful.

@EffDee on one of my Windows systems my vault is on a Veracrypt encrypted volume, but I’m not using Synology drive sync on that system. It would be interesting to investigate whether the virtual encrypted drive abstraction reduces the number of actual write-to-disk operations.

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I considered about asking about whether or not this was worthy of a feature request, but it turns out there are already a few:

Set longer save frequency
Config the autosave time gap
Disable autosave or autosave interval
Disable autosave - not explicitly about the save interval, but related, with a number of good replies and comments.

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