Change how emoji's are rendered

Hi all :slight_smile:

Is it possible to change how emoji’s are rendered? And if not, can I make this a feature request?

For example, in WhatsApp the British flag emoji renders as, well, a flag; but when I copy it to Obsidian it renders as the country code “GB” (with fancy text).


Some Machines don’t render all Emojis. Windows is unable to show flags, so I am guessing you are on windows.

See here a list of the Emojis, at the very bottom are the flags.


Ah ok, so it is OS dependent, not Obsidian dependent, I see. Still, Whatsapp is running on my Windows laptop and showing flags so it must be possible in principle to get Obsidian to display the emoji’s as I would like :thinking:

Whatsapp uses Facebook (FB in the Emoji List), which are installed Emojis. Discord for examples uses Twitter Emojis.

It can be possible to install a new Emoji Pack to be rendered, but I wouldn’t know how. The Twitter Emoji are Open Source, maybe take a look there.

Ok I’ll let you know if I figure something out. Thank you :slight_smile:

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hi, maybe there is a way to use a custom images(s) as an emoiji, such as 20x20 pixels or something? that way you can create your custom emojis locally and use them. (it might not exist but maybe it could be a feature) :slight_smile: