Change graph node colours of specific tags

So i’ve seen other posts asking how to change the colours of all the nodes, which I am able to do, however, I am not sure how to reference each specific node and change the colours individually.

The reason I ask is that I have a script which searches for all my tags used in my vault and appends custom colours for new ones to the end of the obsidian.css, such as:
.tag[href^="#NewTag"] {background-color: #008000; }

I also have it changing the tag colours in edit mode using: { color:#008000;}
(although not sure if i need to specify all of the classes for that, but it works so i’ll leave it for now)

Is there an identifier for each tag node in the graph? Either through the href way of doing things (like preview mode) or specific class names (like edit mode) or another way entirely?

It would be nice having each tag having a consistent colour across all 3 views.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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This is not possible at the moment, unfortunately. See (and add to, if desired) the following feature request: Provide tags as graph CSS classes/attributes to allow coloring of graph nodes