Change colour of specific internal link?

What I’m trying to do

I have quite a lot of links, which I want to categorise further. So I would like to be able to colour different (internal) links different colours.

Things I have tried

After trying a few CSS snippets it seems like

[[Page\|test link]]

basically is the same as (when in reading mode)

<div class="markdown-preview-view"><a class="internal-link" href="Page">test link</a></div>

So I hoped that one could put another div around it to force a different colour:

<div class="t">[[Page\|test link]]</div>


div.t {
    color: red !important;

but then

<div class="t">test [[Page\|test link]]</div>

only turns the text “test” red, but not the link. The only thing I could find was people trying to change the colour of all internal links not specific ones.

You could try something like this:

<a href="test" class="internal-link"><span class="t">Page</span></a>

.t {
    color: red;

See →

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Thank you it worked!

You might also want to check out the Supercharged Links plugin, it may have some of the functionality you’re looking for.

Plus, if you’re planning on doing a refactor on a large number of notes, this could help speed up the process.

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Thank you, it worked very well!

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