Change color of titlebar text

i cant find the selector for the titlebar text.
i have this variables in my .theme-light class in my snippet (obsidian.css):

    --titlebar-background: var(--accent-jade-dimmed);
    --titlebar-background-focused: var(--accent-jade-dimmed);
    --titlebar-border-width: 0px;
    --titlebar-border-color: var(--background-modifier-border);
    --titlebar-text-color: rgb(223, 223, 223);
    --titlebar-text-color-focused:rgb(223, 223, 223);
    --titlebar-text-weight: var(--font-bold);

text-color and text-color-focus do change only the minimize, maximize and close button on the right side:

i found out that the selector uses this variable : --color-base-70
but changing the value leads to unwanted side effects.
does someone know the selector so i can change it directly ?

i found the selector. this can be closed

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