Change alignment in dataview

What I’m trying to do

Basically, just that, but one thing added to the table breaks it and I don’t understand why. I read in this forum that it is possible to change the alignment of the tables by CSS… whatever that means, I search it and I didn’t find how to make a CSS, or how to apply it to my table for that matter.

Things I have tried

I don’t really know, the syntax in the help forum of obsidian does nothing and I tried to apply a couple of Snippets, but that just breaks the dataview table.

In this image, the text is aligned vertically at the top and horizontally at the center. I want to change that to, for example, vertically centered and horizontally to the left and other variations.

I forget to put this, but is just a table from dataview
Table authors, (”![|100](" + portrait + “)”) AS portrait, producer, state, rating, date
From #Book AND “Compendium”

Nvm, I figured it out. To create a css you make a text file and then change the extension to “.css”.

To change the vertical align I put this in the css:

“.table-view-table > tbody > tr > td {
vertical-align: {align};

Change {align} to “top” like my original image, “bottom” for the contrary and “middle” for the centered alignment.

I don’t know if it’s possible, but I suppose you can do the same with horizontal alignment.