Change a link throughout my vault

Things I have tried

Looked in hotkeys but did not find a way to change a word throughout the vault.

In hotkeys, I only find change a word in a single file. I want to change a link throughout my vault. Is there some way to do that?

What I’m trying to do

Hi Ellen, are you trying to change a link to an existing page, like changing [[MyPage]] to [[MyOtherPage]]? If so, you can just rename MyPage in Obsidian and it will automatically update all your links to it.

If you’re trying to search-and-replace some other text across all the pages of your vault, I don’t think Obsidian gives an easy way to do that. You’d need to use another tool like sed, Notepad++, VSCode, etc.

I have a PC, but I don’t know much about code. I see it has lots of plug ins. I do want to search and replace text across my vault. Could I do that without knowing code?

Hmm, I don’t know of a plugin that does search-and-replace across your entire vault.

If it’s fewer than say, a hundred items, it might be simplest to use the Obsidian search feature in the left navbar and change them a file at a time.

I think you are right. Thank you.

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