Certain task completion percentage

Things I have tried

I played a lot with dataview and tasks queries but can’t manage to get this working; I’ve been using Obsidian for about 2 weeks now… still learning.

So I have some tasks that repeat daily based upon my daily template. I would like to be able to calculate the completion percentage of a certain task.(would need to make the sum of said task done/total and look in all the files in my journal)

Is there any way to do this I am missing?

Thank you in advance for the help!


If anyone still needs something similar, managed to resolve this using the tracker plugin like this.

searchType: task, task.done
searchTarget: Wake up early, Wake up early
    template: "All time completion of Wake up early is {{sum(dataset(1))/sum(dataset(0))*100}}%"
    style: "color:white;"
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