Center items in note "spine"

In the note spine I tried to center the icon:


I used this code:

.view-header .view-header-icon {
  align-self: center;

It moved away a bit from the right edge, but it still is not centered.

With the action items at the bottom it is the same problem:


I used:

.view-header .view-actions {
  align-items: center;

Now, I set the spine width to 32, when I set it to 40 the icon and action items, as well as the title, are almost centered. At 42 the former 2 are really centered, but the title is not.

Re the title someone said it might be due to the rotate header direction being enabled. When I disable the rotation there is a white smudge, which was not there before.


Surely there is code to manipulate the centering? Where am I going wrong?

I’ve made some fixes in the most recent update, let me know if they work for you

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At a spine width of 32 the icon at the top and the action items at the bottom are fine, the title is still somewhat out of kilter to the right edge - BTW rotated header direction is off.

At a spine width of 35 or 36 all 3 are fine; at a width of 40 or 42 all 3 are off.

So, 35/36 seems to be the optimal setting, for me in any case. If that is the way the plug-in is designed it might worth mentioning that as a small grey comment below it.

Thanks for fixing this.