Center Button from Buttons Plugin between Text

I would like to use a Button from the Buttons Plugin similar to the following:

[[2022-09-30]] <== <button class="date_button_today">1. Oktober, 2022</button> ==>  [[2022-10-02]]

The Button should go in the middle where the button class is at the moment.

I know you can use custom styles for the button but I don’t know how to accomplish this.

The main idea is to make this:

[[5J-2022-09-30]] <==  <a href="obsidian://vault/Privat/2022-10-01"><button>Today</button></a>  ==> [[5J-2022-10-02]]

dynamic to always open todays note which is in button code:

name Today
type link
action obsidian://open?vault=Privat&file=200%20Journaling%2F201%20Daily%2F<% ("YYYY-MM-DD") %>
templater true
color blue

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