Categorize link

I use links for several functions, some are notions, some are tags, some are reference. So it would be nice if I can seperate them with different forms of brackets. Such as <> for tags, [] for notions, {} for reference and so on.
All of them will be links, but you can filter them in the graph view. Then I will get a graph of reference, a graph of notions or so.

I doubt this will ever fly, as it’s quite idiosyncratic to your needs. However, you could easily achieve a similar thing by including special characters in these different kinds of links. Emoji work particularly well for this as they stand out.

So, if you always use :bulb: for an idea, you’ll be able to filter and search for those notes when searching and filtering is eventually improved. (On that note, many others have requested filters and such for graph views.)


wow, emoji is smart! However, there is still some difference between tags and link. Could you consider developing something like #tag for categorization?

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Sorry, I didn’t mean to misrepresent myself—I’m just another user.

#tags do work, though! Put them in the body of your notes and you can use them to filter all notes in the app. Again, no integration with the graph view yet, but probably someday soon.

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I do both - tags and emojis, and I have a script that adds emojis to the filename based on the tag. The downside with using emojis in the filename is that it makes unlinked mentions useless.

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Did you find a good workaround for the unlinked mentions? I’m ending up only using emoji in tags and in title.