Categorise types of relationships between notes inside MOCs

My needs are changing — constantly shifting and evolving.

My MOCs are beginning to be larger and larger, and I need a way to classify the types of notes and links using dataview queries.

  • All notes linked to Science are not sub-areas of Science
  • All notes linked to Philosophy are not necessarily related to Philosophy, or all notes linked to Philosophy are not notes about philosophy.

There are many different types of links and relationships, and that’s what I use Excalibrain for and its relationships model:

  • Friend::
  • Parent::
  • Child::
  • Sibling::

For those who aren’t familiar with ExcaliBrain, basically, it defines the links between notes, as seen here:
Screenshot 2023-02-06 at 01.55.18

:child:t2: is the child:: — textile materials is a child topic of textile arts; therefore, textile arts is the parent:: topic

Friend and siblings in the same way. A friend is a more distant relationship than one between siblings. (I need to start using siblings. “:raising_hand_man:t2:” is defined as `Friend::’ in my settings.

I have been thinking of a few things about how to structure my MOCs better using dataview; that’s the best I’ve come up with, but I’m not quite sure how to take advance of these relationships using actual dataview queries. And that’s part of the reason for writing this post:

How to take these defined relationships and categorize them in my MOCs?
So four queries:

LIST FROM [[Philosophy]]
// where relationship is: 
- child
- parent
- friend 
- sibling

I think where contains (parent::slight_smile: could be used. But that didn’t work for me.

Let’s use the [[Philosophy]] MOC:

I have a few notes linked to that note:

Query used:

FROM [[Philosophy]]

Spirituality, Religion, and Humour are Friend::

I also have a link from [[Existentialism]] or [[Epistomology]], which are child:: or sub-topics of Philosophy.

For now, I would suffice with being able to query based on these existing relationships. I need advice from a dataview person on that, but I would also like to hear some feedback on this idea of mine, and I am eager to hear what other people had done when their MOCs started to need more structure.

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Other than the Friend concept, I think the Breadcrumbs plugin does just this, and it has the benefit of implicit relationships as well as alternative hierarchies.

It also has the benefit of using Dataview fields, so you could test it out without changing any of your notes.

Truly, there’s a plugin for everything. It’s not what I was looking for, but it can work. Actually, with the multiple hierarchies option, I could — well, establish multiple hierarchies for various topics and MOCs, and indexes.

Yes! With some, certainly some work this plugin can transform my whole vault! Thank you for mentioning it!