Catalyst licence one computer only?

I have a catalyst licence, working nicely on my personal Mac. But when I use a different installation on my work PC, the benefits from having a catalyst licence aren’t there. I see all my files etc., no problem, but I’m never able to follow the insider versions as with my Mac, although I’m logged into my account.

Do I need a separate catalyst licence for each instalment of Obsidian?

no, you don’t need a separate license.

Did you enable insider build?
Are blocked by a firewall?

there is no option to turn on ‘insider build’ in the ‘about’-page…?

are you sure you logged in with the same account?

I’ll be damned… I had used my work email for this account (and a different one here on the forums). Didn’t even occur to me. Sorry for wasting your time, and thanks for pointing me in the right direction…