Catalog a 💭dream🛌 journal / notes?

I have a series of files, maybe 200 or so, which I recorded dreams in, currently they are in the Drafts app and they all start with the line:-
Dream 2014-06-20

A lot of them have a recurring person or place in them, I’d like to move them in to Obsidian and create some kind of links between then.
I’m wondering what approach to take for this. I’m not too bothered about the transferring from Drafts to Obsidian, I can handle that part.

Your request is kind of vague, so my response is also somewhat vague, but if you create a file for either of those recurring person or place, you can get a side panel to show you linked and unlinked mentions to your file.

In other words, if you create a file [[John Smith]], it would do a search for “John Smith” and show them in the unlinked mentions. This would then allow you to change them into linked mentions by adding the brackets around it.

Hope this helps,

Hi Holroy,
Thanks for your suggestion, sorry for the delay, just getting round to this now.

So I have about 400 separate files in a folder called Dreams, each file is named
Dream 2022-10-17
Dream 2016-12-04

I then create a file within the same folder, lets say called
I go to that file in obsidian and I then see all the mentions of the word David in the unlinked mentions.
I guess your idea was to then drag each mention in to the file, so I kind of have an index?
The index looks like
[[Dream 2022-11-23]]
[[Dream 2016-09-13]]

I could not see any simple way to drag all of them in?

Anyway, I am open to any other ideas you have about this.

I don’t know any simple way of pulling an unlinked mentions into the “David” note, but it does show them, and allow for you to address them.

Not sure if there exists some plugin to automatically pull all unlinked mentions, that’s for some else to answer. I’m too new to Obsidian to know of such a plugin/tool.

Thanks, I ended up just going through each place, person etc and dragging in all the links, seems to have worked really well! I also have a nice graph, which throws up some interesting connections between the dreams, places and people!


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