Caret/Cursor thickness

I don’t know which of the 2 designations is the more semantically correct one as I see both (“caret” and “cursor”) being used seemingly interchangeably between different users.

Anyways, I’d like an option to have the “vertical blinking line” (cursor/caret) to be thicker by default in Obsidian. It is only 1 pixel wide by default, and a drag to look at and identify in the text – especially after a few hours of reading and typing have already passed by.

Ideally, we’d have an option to customize the caret/cursor thickness by default. Similar to how Windows 11 allows the user to globally customize the thickness of the caret (a setting which is inherited by nearly all non-electron apps).

Oh and btw, the Minimal Theme, which seemingly enforces a slightly thicker caret (which still isn’t thick enough IMHO) barely even “works” as intended, with the caret returning to its 1px thinness after a few paragraphs of text, or after the usage of a few lists or checkboxes.


I agree. I really need a cursor with more visibility. It’s not perfect but I use ninja cursor plugin to do this.

With a css snippet you can style to cursor how you like. Sometimes the plugin breaks if you click outside of files. For example to rename a file. If this happens you will just have the system cursor until restarting Obsidian, but I have only noticed that a few times.

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The problem is how that plugin, even when it works half-“fine”, it’ll present a number of visual glitches. Only to stop working after a while, after changing file or folder names for example.

Also, lurking this forum presents me with the information that CSS tricks that used to work to change caret/cursor thickness no longer do, after the 1.0 release.

IMHO, something as simple as allowing for 3 types of cursors: Ultra-thin (1px, like we have now), Medium (like 3 or 4 px) and Block (covering an entire character) would be the optimal solution, either via plugin or packaged in the default release (how it should be IMHO)


I completely agree! I wish this was a global setting on Mac computers as well. I wish you could change the thickness of the caret and also the color as well. A lot of times it’s really hard to see.

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