Cardflow theme

I really like the idea of Andy Matuschak mode because I always need to display a few notes side-by-side. But to me, the existing implementations are too visually complicated. So I tried to make some kind of flat and simple version of Andy Matuschak mode. The theme is called Cardflow because note pages look like tiled papers or cards that flow in the virtual workspace. Hope someone may like it. Some of the style ideas are inspired by the Minimal Theme. I’d like to thank its designers for their cool theme.

Github link to this theme: Obsidian-Cardflow-theme

Download .css locally: obsidian.css (8.9 KB)


  • The theme use Roboto font by default, it can be downloaded via Roboto - Google Fonts
  • Tested on Mac and Win10


  • darker dark theme
  • show scrollbar and status bar by default


Nice theme. My suggestion is to perhaps add a scrollbar, since I use it to see how far I am through my note. Or if this was intended, maybe just make it slightly visible. And also, dark theme is a bit too bright for me. But other than that, this theme is awesome!

Hi, thanks for trying it out. I hide the scrollbar by default because my notes are usually short. I just modified the theme and added a quick setting for showing/hiding scrollbar and status bar. You can find it in the first section of the file.

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@haimingz: nice theme, I like the amended Andy Mode. Like @Mayonnaise2124 I use the scrollbars for the same reason, though I agree with you that in short, atomic notes they are extraneous. I have a zettelkasten with atomic notes, and another note set with (very) long notes.

I find the dark version not too dark because the background is not black, it’s more like a very dark grey.

Well done !

Hi, thanks for the advices. I just un-hide the scrollbars while make them thinner. I have to admit the dark theme colors are not well designed because I personally use light themes all the time and have limited dark theme experiences. Now the dark theme is much darker as sugguested.

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