Card system with canvas based on milanote

In the past few days, I came across the news that the Json Canvas format is now open source. Today, by coincidence, I ended up opening Milanote, a tool that worked perfectly in my old study workflow. However, this is no longer entirely true nowadays, as I’ve had to adapt due to financial limitations and other issues.

As a result, I decided to give Obsidian Canvas another try.

With this in mind, I had the idea and was actually able to create something similar to the card system I used to love with canvas. It’s not as perfect and it’s significantly more work, but nothing that habit can’t make easier.

a video demonstration:

Basically I create a card and add this. I always use svg icons, but I believe png works well

[![[icon.svg|80]]](dir/file.canvas) **Name**

For my usual workflow, I use Anytype, but I intend to use Canvas for mind maps from now on.