Card library view like Heptabase or Capacities

I have been using obsidian for a long time but have finally made the switch to heptabase since I kept finding it difficult to get an overview of my notes/cards.
I can find a sort of cardview just about everywhere else, like Notion, Google Keep, TAngetn Notes, Heptabase and Capacities and it I cannot believe that no one else in the Obsidian community would prefer this kind of preview.

The Canvas almost does it but then again in Hepta you can see the overview of cards that you would want to move into the canvas/whiteboard, and I find that way more useful than having to look at a long list of noteheaders.

The plugin almost does it, but the cards are nothing but the title, and an image if there is one, what I need is a preview of the text, or the entire text.

Capacities does it very well.

As of now I am using heptabase but would like to come back to Obsidian if this was an added functionality. I would do so because of its way of storing locally, and because of all the customization abilities.

Anyone working on a plug in for something like this? Please :slight_smile:


yes, it could be a nice feature

I don’t know if this plugin will help, I think it does something similar, check it out.

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