Card info or panel to show in which canvas it is used

Use case or problem

It would be nicer to know in which canvas(es) the card is used/contained. Same as “card info” in heptabase. This could make canvas as a new context for cards and we need to navigate from card to canvas.

Proposed solution

It could be a new panel, or a new section in backlink panel.

Current workaround (optional)

I can’t find any workaround yet.

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Each Card is specific to a canvas. This this doesnt make sense.

Maybe you mean the notes embedded in canvas.

Yes. I mean if a card is embedded in a canvas or several canvases, I hope there is a panel (like Backlink panel) to indicate what canvas they are.

“the Notes (files) added to Canvas appear in its Outgoing links” & “Canvas that the Notes (files) added to appear in Card’s Backlink panel” are both wanted.

I appreciate that links from notes to canvas works already. And also, that wikilinks in cards don’t appear in cavas’s outgoing links panel is quite reasonable.

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