Capture information with android to be used in obsidian?

I use an android tablet to consume a lot of information, I always write notes with a pen using the Samsung default notes program that came installed. I would love to set up a workflow, in a way that I can post-process those notes/screenshots and add them to Obsidian (or perhaps Anki) when it’s worth it.

But I don’t know how to do it on android.

Any recommendations to do It?

it seems that all the cool stuff is available only for IPad.


I’m curious if the soon to be released mobile apps will have any capture features on Android. For me, the mobile apps are essential for my work as I am constantly moving around in my support role.

I feel a bit handicapped without my notes on my mobile, which are typed and often include images in OneNote. It seems that images are the last priority for Obsidian for obvious reasons (Markdown).

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Now you do it in OneNote?

Do you transfer the content afterward?

Yes, I capture to ON or Sticky Notes in Android using my digital pen. The files get synced nicely.

I haven’t put together a workflow for images to Obsidian yet as OneNote would be a manual copy and paste process into Obsidian (unless I printed ON to PDF). I have thousands of notes in ON and feel a little queasy about manually moving them.

I do love Microsoft’s digital inking technology and would want to use it on my Surface and move to Obsidian.