Capital Greek letters in LaTex?


I have noticed that some of the Greek letters in LaTex are available in capital form, like $\Gamma$, whereas others, like $\Eta$ are not available.

Is there a way to make all of the capital letters available? I have read that in the case of $\eta$, for instance, the Latin letter H should be used for writing the capital letter. The same would go for $\epsilon$ and E. However, in most cases, the capital eta and epsilon letters would be stylized to distinguish them as Greek letters within a text. Is there a way to achieve this in Obsidian, to distinguish all capital Greek letters within a text?

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This is not actually LaTeX, but rather MathJax, which threw me a little of in your other question. The reference documentation on this (lifted from the Obsidian documentation) can be found here.

It got a section on Greek letters which reads as follows (slightly modified to show properly in Obsidian style):

In other words, to separate the latin H from the greek H, you can enclose it in $H$. In my setup it does differ, but it’s not very easy to see which is the greek variant


Greek letters that have the same appearance as some Latin letter (e.g., “A” and “Alpha”, “B” and “Beta”, “K” and “Kappa”, “o” and “omicron”) have no corresponding LaTeX commands. In practice, the Greek letters that have Latin look-alikes are not used in mathematical formulas to avoid possible confusions. However, if needed, the missing Greek letters can be declared as follows:


Note: In the major European tradition of mathematical typography the default font for lowercase Greek letters in mathematical formulas is italic whereas for uppercase Greek letters it is upright (Roman).

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Thanks you very much for this information.

Thank you for looking into this and sharing this info.

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