Canvases should show in Graph view

Use case or problem

When I create a Canvas and either add links to Cards or add a Notes, those links should show in the Graph View. I use Canvases within my Zettelkasten notetaking system to indicate processes or relationships between ideas, and them not showing up in the Graph View is a large hindrance when I go to find clusters to write an article about.

Proposed solution

I’m proposing having the Canvas properly show within the graph views (global & local).

Current workaround (optional)

Currently, I have to manually click into a note to see if there’s a Canvas attached to it. It’s less of a workaround and more of a brute-force.

Related feature requests (optional)

None that I could find during my searches.

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Related feature request: Canvas: Make links to canvas appear in backlinks and graph view - #5 by WhiteNoise

It was closed as “This works already”. But I just noticed, Canvas files only show up in my Graph if I turn on “Attachments”.

I disabled attachments, because I don’t want to see a bunch of images in my graph. But I do want to see Canvas files!

So maybe this should be further distinguished as: “Canvases should have a Graph visibility toggle separate from attachments”. They should show up a completely separate Type.

@rigmarole I think you should open a FR for that

and for the OP