Canvases should have scalable cards and an add text function

Canvases are really nice, however they are kind of limited.
Just playing around with groups and resizing cards/groups you can tell there is a lot of flexibility to convey information, but also many limitations.

I think Canvases would benefit massively from being able to add text to a canvas. Not a card, actual text. Cards/Elements should also be scalable.

Currently we are only able to resize cards and notes, not scale them. Scaling cards/notes should automatically scale text and elements inside cards/notes.

This makes displaying information far more powerful. If you want to view smaller cards? Zoom in. Want to see the context of large cards? Zoom out. This way instead of having to rely on just colors (for everything that looks the exact same) having different sized notes and cards gives much greater flexibility to display and organize information within Canvases


For the scalling, maybe it can be possible to tweaks with css?

Any feedback on this? This is what Canvas needed, you could cluster a set of notes, sub topics, and size them down under a card, creating hierarchy in note size. Maybe canvas is
a big work in progress, but they got the engine running! Now to drive the truck off a cliff