Canvas synchronization issues

Recently I’ve been using obsidian’s canvas feature more, and I found a few problems that are more troublesome.

If you open canvas on the mobile side, zooming in will flash back, basically unusable, and so will different whiteboard files.

The synchronization problem of canvas, for example, a canvas file is finally updated in the computer side, but every time when the phone opened over, actually did not edit the canvas file, even the file has not been opened. But a few hours later, when I go back to the computer and open it, I find that the version is back to the old one, which is troublesome.

Especially when I continue to edit in this case for a long time, only to find out that I was editing on the old version? Sometimes I really don’t notice that I’m on that version, the canvas is too big and isn’t discovered as quickly as the md document, so what should I do?

Now I can only find the version management function again when I find it, and after comparing the time, reply to that new document, but the version management of canvas doesn’t have a preview function, which is a bit less convenient.

In the end, it’s just a small problem, most of Obsidian’s features are very good, and canvas is a feature I really like, it’s very useful, thank you for making such a great product!

I changed “Whiteboard” to “Canvas” in the title to make the topic clearer to readers.

What are you using to synchronize your phone with your computer?

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