Canvas: Support attachments (images, videos, pdfs) located on the device but outside the vault

Add the possibility to show in Canvas local (in this device) attachments (images, pdfs) that are outside the vault.

This is a related FR for notes


Adding my interest in this feature. Use case:

I have a bunch of archived (Teleport, WebCopy…) websites going back 20 years for which I would like to use Canvas to organize and access.

Tried the Surfing plugin but seems a bit wonky still. For example, can’t actually click a link on a local page and have it open. Ctrl-click will open it in a new tab, or click plus clicking the refresh button (hotkey does not actually work).

Tried copying the entire site backup directory into my vault, and that was just a mess for various reasons, both with and without Surfing.

For now, my solution is to grab a screenshot of the page and embed with a link to the file. Then it just opens in the browser.

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I suggest you open a separate FR for HTML. Embedding external HTML comes with security risks.

I second this, was about to make the same Feature Request.

In my case i have HUGE folders of assets, stock media, old media(including unedited original videos from previous work) and references, that all live in organized folder trees in a consistent backed up place, so i have no issues in regards to paths changing… its too much to add it all to the vault as a few users do, and even adding just a few files could quickly become too much for syncing.

The only workaround right now would be creating a note for each embed or a bunch per note, then putting those on the canvas, wich clutters the canvas way more then just the media…

…but im trying to keep my assets and vault well separated, i have other tools for that, each thing with its role, and id hate to have my notes list cluttered with ‘fake files’(.md) just to hold such embeds - i hide attachments from the tree, i dont want any entries to assets there.

Im kinda using a single note with some headers for temporary embeds just for some relevant stuff right now- and some temporary copies (inside vault), that i will later have to purge - meanwhile im holding on making the canvas i would solely on that

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