[Canvas] Store File Cards using "New link format" settings so files can be moved externally

When changing the location of cards from the Obsidian app, Canvases update the locations automatically, no problem. However, if I move the cards (i.e. files) not using Obsidian, the locations are not updated and an error triangle is shown. Is there a way to solve this without manually selecting “swap file” for each card in the Canvas?

It would be convenient if it was possible to move the files around also without the app, and the changes would be reflected automatically.

Thank you!

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It looks like Canvas stores notes as vault-relative paths inside the JSON format.

So it stores the full vault path. Not just the note name.

I hope you don’t mind, but I am going to re-title your post, and change this to a Feature Request.

It would be great if the note path was stored in the same format as your settings for Files & Links → “New link format”.

Because if you have “Shortest path when possible”, then it just stores the name of the note, and you can freely move it around inside your vault. Currently, it does not use that setting.

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