Canvas: Sticky arrows

Steps to reproduce

  • I created multiple cards, with arrows going from top cards to bottom cards like a “flow chart”, I grouped them. Then I have 2 groups now.
  • I was trying to move the whole group and stopped dragging it above the other group. So now 2 groups are overlapped.
  • When I was trying to move 1 group, arrows are stuck to the other group

Expected result

arrows of the cards are not mixed

Actual result

arrows got mixed, stuck


  • Operating system: Win10 22H2
  • Debug info:

Additional information

This will likely come as a surprise, but I’m actually thinking this may be a feature request. This appears to be the default expected behavior. When you moved the group into the other group and let it encompass nodes, those nodes will move with group they are within.

I am not sure how you can word the feature request such that you get the behavior you want without upending the existing default behavior. But I do understand where you are coming from.

Good luck.

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I reproduced the behaviour:

…but I agree with @I-d-as: I’m not sure that this is a “bug” or that it can even be fixed. If you changed how this worked, you’d change how groups worked in general.

Switching this to a FR for further thinking.