Canvas. Special section (like backlinks section) for showing on what canvases current note are placed

For those who works a lot with Canvases/boards and prefers “canvases/boards” taking notes philosophy it will be veeerryy helpful.
For example Heptabase has “linked or placed canvases/boards section” (like backlinks section) for every card at the bottom so we can see where current note is situated (because we use Canvas for create Structures and we need to know if current note is the part of that Canvas Structure).
It is super important just as backlinks are…Thank you!


Second this, and id add it should be top priority. Not having backlinks for a note goes extremely outside of obsidians main philosophy and backbone (not thinking in folders/files but links/graph) - and canvas ARE notes, just a type of.

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Use case or problem

I like to link notes visually in the canvas feature but as far as I can tell these arrows between pages can only be seen from the canvas view. Having a tab labelled canvas in the regular note view with all the canvases that note appears on and the arrows to and from that topic would be great!

Proposed solution

An extra tab in the top right alongside the outgoing/backlinks links in the regular note view labelled as canvas. When clicked on a list of all the canvas’ that note features on appears with all other notes it’s connected to via arrows in that canvas view.

If anyone knows a good workaround or this feature already exists please let me know! :smiling_face:

+1 from me. I think, this is an essential feature.

Also see the related feature request: