Canvas: Some notes not updating w/o closing and opening Obsidian

When displaying charts in a Canvas that were created with the Tracker plugin, they don’t update when source note properties are added/changed. If I open the note containing the tracker chart and then update related note properties, the chart updates in real time. But, this doesn’t happen with a copy of the chart in a Canvas.

  1. using several notes with the Tracker plugin to display line charts
  2. drag any of those notes over to a Canvas
  3. update note properties with chart data
  4. see if the Canvas copy of the chart updated, most times it does not
  5. clicking inside the Canvas item will display the update chart
  6. clicking outside the Canvas item re-displays the cached chart
  7. closing and opening Obsidian displays the latest chart data

I don’t know if this is a Canvas refresh issue or a problem with the community Tracker plugin. I just wanted to post this in case anyone else is having the same issue.