Canvas: Search Cavasses' Content in Global Search

File cards are searchable (their source is a file), but text cards (only exist in Canvas) aren’t yet. This is about the content of text cards.

Thanks. What’s the difference between file cards and text cards?

ariehen just said what the difference was in the post you replied to. Canvas - Obsidian Help

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I agree that search should work for Canvas. If we use canvas for creating ideas and moving images, documents, and web content, we need to be able to search it so that plugins like janitor and “Find orphaned files” can work.

The use case I am thinking about is moving and organizing art by various categories and the process means that there are lots of images dragged into a canvas and later deleted. But they remain in your vault until you can clean them up with a plugin.

May I ask when the text card content can support search? This feature is really important! :smiling_face_with_tear:

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With huge canvases, the search and filter capabilities are really important. Hope the official update this feature soon.


The Omnisearch community plug-in is able to search for text within canvases.


Implemented in 1.1.13


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