Canvas: Search Cavasses' Content in Global Search

So impressed with how quickly Canvas is evolving (:star_struck:) but I can’t really justify the time making anything until search is available for text cards.

edit: It’s coming; we just have to wait a bit.


Totally Agreed. Canvas is a total game changer. With the search functionality it will give a “super power”. Need search ability to be useful.

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Really hope this gets added. My notes and thoughts tend to get a bit…chaotic so rely a lot on searches to find my way around. Since I think I will use Canvas a fair bit in the future I do hope the content will be possible to search for.

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absolutly essential feature for canvas


I confess I was surprised that CTRL+F didn’t fire up a search. Patience!


Not even title of canvas is searchable. But Starring as favourite works - so I’ll keep track of canvases that way, until search functionality appears.

You can search for “file: name” and it will show a specific canvas, or “path: .canvas” to show all canvas boards.


I actually haven’t started using canvas, but I (erroneously?) that it was just the notes that you dragged over to the canvas from your various files/text files in the vault. And so wouldn’t that stay /still be searchable??

from the canvas plugin release announcement, “Canvas is a new core plugin for Obsidian. It allows you to lay out your notes on an infinite, spatial canvas.”

So if you’re laying out your notes, you’re taking existing notes and then dragging them to the canvas to show them spacially. So don’t the notes themselves still remain, and thus remain searchable? Or dragging them to the canvas creates some sort of non-searchable duplicate??

There are special canvas objects called “cards”. They are not searchable o referenceable at this time.

Nothing happens to the notes that you add to a canvas, they are still the same notes and work the same way. The notes are also not canvas aware currently (i.e. a note does not know it’s used in a canvas, like you’d expect with a back link)


search is very useful, can’t wait haha


Happy to see this as active topic - looking forward to this essential functionality! :slight_smile:

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+1 to this - I love canvas and use it quite a bit but it’s a real pain that I can’t search by text I added to cards on the canvas. Look forward to seeing this crucial bit of functionality added! :slight_smile:

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+1 i would also thing search would be a pretty useful feature → both global search trough the canvases and search inside the canvas




I still dont get this - if you update a canvas object, doesn’t the original note that was dragged there get updated, and, consequently, wouldn’t your newly added text be then searchable in the original note (not the canvas)?

Thank you for creating canvas! I love it so far. I just want to echo the need for this. I would want the current file and global search to display cards in results but would not want the quick switcher to pull up cards. I’d like to be able to filter out cards from the global search results if I just want to search cards but in general want the search results to show both md files and cards.

File cards are searchable (their source is a file), but text cards (only exist in Canvas) aren’t yet. This is about the content of text cards.

Thanks. What’s the difference between file cards and text cards?

ariehen just said what the difference was in the post you replied to. Canvas - Obsidian Help

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I agree that search should work for Canvas. If we use canvas for creating ideas and moving images, documents, and web content, we need to be able to search it so that plugins like janitor and “Find orphaned files” can work.

The use case I am thinking about is moving and organizing art by various categories and the process means that there are lots of images dragged into a canvas and later deleted. But they remain in your vault until you can clean them up with a plugin.