Canvas - Renaming a canvas does not change the labels in links to the canvas file

Version: Version 1.4.16 (Installer 1.4.16) on MacOS

When you create a link to a canvas from a note, the link has a form:


If you rename this canvas, all the instances of the link in the vault are changed, but in a following fashion:


i.e. the file name in the links is changed, but the label of the links stays the same, which means you need to go and manually change all the labels in all the links.

Hope this helps!


Yep, noticed same thing here and just saw this post as I was writing my own ahaha

Obsidian can update the display name if and only if the display name is the same as the file (this includes the extention) for example: [[Board.canvas|Board.canvas]] or that it doesn’t have a display name to begin with like: [[Board.canvas]] in which Obsidian will update the files and their names.

Hopefully this is fixed soon…