Canvas remembering

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Use case or problem

I’m linking some of my notes into a new canvas and I select what part of my note I need obsidian to show. The matter happens when I go to another part of the same canvas that it refreshes automatically to the top of the note
And somehow obsidian forgets what part of the note was in there

After I come back from another part of the canvas

How i’ts supossed to be

Related feature requests (optional)

If I’m correct, which I might not be in this case, I reckon Obsidian goes back to the original link. It doesn’t help to scroll within the linked note, you’ll need to update the link to point to the correct section.

What @holroy is driving at is that you need to right click on the canvas card and select Heading or Block you want to narrow down to:
Screenshot from 2024-02-23 15-52-22

  • This is the position that the app will roll back to when the card is inactive again.

O my gosh, I didn’t even realizied. Thanks you all!