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I am having trouble with quickadd in Canvas. I would like to capture something using a macro into the “active file” in canvas. I would have expected, that the “active file” is the one I am currently working on in Canvas, but I guess Quickadd understands the Canvas itself as the “active file”. Any Ideas how I could make this work?

(You didn’t follow the instructions or template for a bug report, so I’ve moved this to Help.)

Do you mean into the “active card”? Are you saying you have a single card selected in your Canvas, and you want to capture something into that card?

I’m not familiar with quickadd. But I know the elements inside a Canvas are called “cards”.


thanks for the reply and moving this request. Yes I would like to capture into the active card using quickadd. I am not sure if this is a quickadd request or canvas even.

To give you the context:
Quickadd allows you to make makros in such a way that you could capture something into a new note and inserting a reference into the active note you are writing in. This functionality doesn‘t work in canvas since quickadd cannot find the line it should insert to. This is not possible because it is scanning through the canvas file instead of the active card .md file.

So then the best thing to do might be to open an issue to politely request this in the Quickadd Github project.

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Thanks, I will try to make this work there.

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