Canvas preview vs. edit mode

Hello, the discrepancy between preview and edit mode of a text note in Canvas is driving me crazy. As you can see in the attached images padding and line spacing DO NOT MATCH in preview and edit mode.

With long notes this is an incredibly annoying problem: when I need to go to a paragraph, I click on it but text shifts, making me having to find by eye the paragraph.
So, my questions are:
-Is there a quick way to fix this?
-Why on earth is this way and will Obsidian team fix this?

Excalidraw doesn’t have this problem, but I can’t use it because Canvas work with the Commentator plugin that I need to use. and Excalidraw doesn’t (I know I can opne in markdown, but then I need to hunt for the paragraph I need and have to do back and forth between views.)
Also, no, I can’t split text by paragraph, because then I can’t use text to speech to read the whole thing in one go and have to jump through loops to assemble it to read it.
The problem presents itself with every single theme I used, so I don’t think it’s theme related.


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I have the same problem and driving me crazy too!!! It looks like if you use css custom on your canvas you have to either remove it or add more settings (still trying to figure it out the css settings). It’s been a while since I play with css so I don’t know what’s the code : d

I end up removing all my css for canvas, and change the edit one by one, if anyone find out how to add/solve this please share!

Bumping this, I really want this to be solved too, when I edit text from a canvas card there’s a left indentation that moves everything

Very annoying feature