Canvas plugin

A quick question about the new canvas plugin. Will it have a gallery view for notes?


Obsidian roadmap currently has only one item in the Working on section. That item is the Canvas plugin; and it describes:

You can use the Canvas view to organize notes visually. Canvas gives you infinite space to brainstorm, diagram and lay out your ideas. With Canvas view you can create mind maps, flow charts, org charts, moodboards, family trees and more.

@jimclay75051 I am guessing you have already seen this but I figured it would be useful information to add here. I am so excited for the day this arrives, and all the days that follow.


Oooh, that is exciting! I’ve seen people mentioning it but hadn’t looked into what it is.


How can I access to ‘canvas’? no result in community plugin.

Is this something like excalidraw?

You can’t — it hasn’t been released yet.

You can see in the roadmap that they’re working on it.

The answer is yes. The new canvas plug in is beautiful. Thank you.

Can I used Canvas in my Ipad pro


@Bsoep I’m not sure. I did see this feature request: Canvas Plugin Ipad Pro Support with Apple Pencil?

You could create a Help topic or ask on Discord. I would imagine eventually it will be if it is not already, but I am just guessing. Good luck!


Not at the moment, but I hope it’s coming. Would love to get verification on that.


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